Yusuke Takagi

Yusuke Takagi was born in Tokyo in 1979. After graduating from Meiji Gakuin University with a degree in sociology, he began working as a freelance photographer in 2005, covering Asia and Africa with his main focus on the human rights of people living in remote regions. After the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, he published a photo book titled “Kagerou,” which focuses on Japanese society and captures the world after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident from the perspective of a father. In 2020, he published SPIN, a collection of photographs on the theme of alcoholism and its effects across generations. He currently lives and works in Yokohama.

© Yusuke Takagi

- Statement -
Takagi, who grew up with an alcoholic father, confronted his anxiety about alcoholism’s hereditary nature while reflecting on the scars left by his father on his family. In this work, Takagi faces himself amidst his unfathomable anxiety and expresses the feelings and future he received from the image of his alcoholic father.

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