Hisao Taira | Land of prayer nature worship
Exhibition to commemorate that designated as a National Site of Scenic Beauty the Ninnaji Temple Garden

People pray when something happens. The place of prayer was not far away, but It was close to their lives. A sacred place where people have been praying. Some sacred place are being lonely and forgotten due to depopulation. However, even now, people are praying as a place to be carefully protected and worshiped by someone. A sacred place that has been protected by the locals for a long time. It was a pleasant place in nature. When I saw the sea of Nachi shining in seven colors, I felt that the Kannon Pure Land at the end of the Kuroshio might lead to Okinawa. Utaki in Okinawa is almost the same as Kumano as a nature worship. The appearance of those people who pray does not change. Humans were born out of nature. Face the nature and pray I pray here and now that the corona will calm down

Sponsor |Omuro Ninnaji Temple, Non Profit Organization Samaya project21, General Incorporated Association Minori Excelsia

Venue |Ninna-ji Temple, White Shoin and Black Shoin in the Goten Palace >Google Map

Open: 9/18-9/26 10:00-17:00
Closed: Open everyday
Entrance charge |800JPY

Tel: 075-461-1155

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