Hanako Kimura | [ ] goes to Gray

Now the world is confused. When you hear that word, the first thing you can think of is a "pandemic." It robbed us of our peaceful daily life. COVID-19 that is recognized at the end of 2019 and is threatening the world in a blink of an eye. It has no prospect of ending. Such extraordinary things that no one imagined are happening in the same way in Japan, where we live. We are acting as directed by the government to limit our actions and prevent the spread of infection. However, the violence of the virus is unstoppable. Even in such a situation, society continues to rotate and we are alive. Everyone has a "correct answer" and an "incorrect answer" to the means to change this situation. It feels like being in a "gray zone" that is neither or either. This feeling always exists in the society in which we live and it's also an event that occurs unconsciously. At first, there was no answer and name for the objects and phenomena that We had encountered so far. We've come to recognize them because we're looking at them in layers called biases created by our predecessors. However, even if we use them, there are various opinions about objects and phenomena, and as a result, recognition falls into the gray zone. White and black lines gather around the subject and appear to be covered in gray. Hanako Kimura creates works by confronting the unspeakable phenomenon. She is usually a commercial photographer, but she is also active as an artist while overlapping her position and society born in this era. In recent years, she has released "SIGN FOR [ ]" . A series of blank white billboards with blue neon lights, a work that can be called a "portrait of the times" with the theme of "meaningful and non-meaningful". While dealing with commercial photography, Hanako Kimura also chooses photography as an artist, but she works while affirming two positions. This means that she stays in the gray zone and lives in harmony with the present era. "SIGN FOR [ ]" is a symbol that is also" salvation "for us. In this exhibition, the "SIGN FOR [ ]" series will be developed using the space above and below the venue, KAGAN HOTEL. You will reach the gray zone, which is the goal of this exhibition, by answering a questionnaire after displaying and appreciating the works of the same series separately in this dichotomized space.

Curator |Junpei Kuroda


Address |99 Sujakuhozocho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto >Google Map

Open: 11:30-17:00 on Fri. Sat. Sun. National holidays
Tel: 080-4022-0792
Entrance charge: 500JPY

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