HAGIWARA Sakumi, MIYAKE Akiyoshi | Repetition and Difference

The things that Sakumi Hagiwara and Shosuke Miyake meet in the city are photographed, sorted and sorted, and lined up with the images of their friends who have the same function. It is possible for a photograph to guide the light reflected from the outside world into the camera and chemically or electronically fix the traces of that light, thereby stripping things from their original space and time. This is because it is a technology that can be freely placed in a new context. Since these things have the same function, they look similar when viewed alone, but when they are arranged in parallel, it can be seen that each has its own individuality. That is, the difference is highlighted by being repeated. In this exhibition "Repetition and Difference", the things that the two "eyes" found on the street through the photographic works, video works, and installation works of the two artists exhibited at the two venues are in their respective arrangements. So, I would like to pursue how to show a new appearance.

Curator |Morihiro Satow

Venue |LUMEN gallery + gallery Main

Address |2F, 543 Shimourokogatacho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto >Google Map

Open: 9/18-10/3 13:00-19:00
Closed: Mon. 9/20, 9/27
Tel: 050-5240-3486

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