Ryuhei Yokoyama |THE WALL SONG

Street graffiti and its pure existence, positioned as one of the prominent facts constructing city landscapes, was where this series began. But as formats and approaches transformed through presentations, the motif reached the “Wall” itself. Walls are generally made use of corresponding to its negative image. Yet, I hold absolute certainty that Walls can be hammered down or climbed over: whether this Wall may be various physical complexities or invisible conceptual matters. That makes the Wall standing in front of us, right this moment, a symbol of hope for the future. This has to be, without a doubt - just like that scene on TV I remember as a boy: that Berlin Wall collapsing in a whirlwind of jubilation or the countless revelations sparked from books and music. WALL SONG is a hymn to freedom and hope for the anticipated future.

Curator |Kana Kawanishi
Partner |KANA KAWANISHI GALLERY, SunM color Co.,ltd., KANMAKI.Co.,ltd


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