Kyoto Photographers Society, KIMURA Naotatsu, OCHI_Nobuyoshi KUSAKI_Masaru, MIN_WOONG_GI, PARK_SOON_GOOK and others |Colors of Kyoto / Colors of Daegu

This time we will collaborate with photographers from Daegu, South Korea and focus on ‘color’ as we compare images of the two cities.
Do Kyoto and Daegu have their own particular colors? We will consider this question photographically. When a photographer is inspired by color and takes pictures, he or she is inevitably influenced by his or her own culture. This photo exhibition will not only explore ‘color’ as a subject, but will also investigate what colors inspire each country’s photographers.
We hope that this exhibition, by offering multiple perspectives on the two cities’ cultures, will strengthen their ties of friendship.

Venue |Shijo-dori Underpass

Address |Between Exits 11-12 of Shijo-dori Underpass >Google Map

Open: 9/18-10/17 7:00-22:00
Open everyday

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