Scott Hunter, Karolina Nowosielska, Amber Brown,Hideki Yamada, Masahiro Kawanaka |Distance

COVID-19 that spread all over the world in 2019. Perhaps people all over the world first turned their attention to the same things at the same time. There are some key words there, and we were particularly interested in the word "Distance". I think that many people had time to think about various things during the lockdown period. Things to come, things up to now, family, friends, work and life, and myself. I think we have had the opportunity to reconsider our relationship with various things. We will hold an exhibition on the theme of a "sense of distance" that we felt again. And this exhibition is also an international exchange exhibition, and may be a sense of distance between Japan and overseas are there. Are Our "distance" far apart, or are they close and together? We hope everyone can find an each sense of distance.

Cooperation | Art spot Korin

Venue |Art Spot Korin

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