Okada Kisara |©TOKYO Tokyo Days reality and fantasy

We often encounter everyday happenings that are too trivial to be called incidents or accidents. However, they tend to be quickly forgotten. We might remember the moments by leaving them in a picture, but we usually fail to capture them in time. Okada Kisara always brings the camera with her so she does not miss out on any chances of coincidences. It looks as if the camera were the main body while the artist worked as an accessory to it. The snapshots of Tokyo taken this way from 2008 to 2020 are named "©TOKYO" by the artist, and the total number of photographs over the past ten years is as many as 970,000. This exhibition marks the end of the "©TOKYO" series. We hope you will enjoy the extraordinary images of Tokyo that Kisara Okada witnessed at the very moments.

Cooperation | KKAG

Venue | KYOTO MUSEUM OF PHOTOGRAPHY Gallery Japanesque 2F

Address |374-2 Horiikecho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto >Google Map

Open: 10/5-10/17 11:00-18:00
Open everyday
Tel: 080-5988-7720

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