Pero FUKUDA+Yumi, Kenichi SAWAZAKI、Sangsun BAE | images don‘t or do they? talk to each other

This exhibition features three artists: namely, fukudapero+yumi blurs the boundary between organic/ inorganic, life/ research transforming them into different modes of art, SAWAZAKI Kenichi pursues his own creativity by focusing on visual media and human relationship juxtaposing the ordinary and unordinary, BAE Sangsun creates distinguished original works stemming from experiences and memories easily forgotten in the course of history. Research, small story, personal feelings are the three keywords shared for this exhibition, whose images were taken by the three artists across the globe in Asia, Africa and Europe. The images will be edited against, along, with each other in an organic manner and the artists will also work together to create a collaboration piece. Through this montage, images start to talk to each other like they never have before and new images and stories will arise in that gap, asking people the possibility and impossibility of meaning sharing.

Sponsor | 一般社団法人リビング・モンタージュ

Venue | Tosei Kyoto Gallery

Address |SSS Bldg. 1F, 375 Ichinofunairicho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto >Google Map

Open: 9/17-10/17 11:00-17:00
Closed: Sun. Mon.
Tel: 075-585-5696

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