Naoki Miyashita | Once in Asia.

It was February, 2019, when right after Lunar New Year. From Shanghai, it took almost 4 hours by bullet train, and also 1 hour and a half by taxi, finally I arrived in the town Bishan. Though it was the mountainous region in February, this town might have been more deserted without some red remnants for new year’s celebration. I couldn’t find any colors in this cityscape, except piles of blue-black tiles on dusty gray-white walls. Maybe because of that, red color of clothes, talismans and accessories often caught my eye. It was as if every red thing in this county has residents’ heartbeats. One day, I passed by a scooter. It had no smoke, no sound. And I found Tesla charging station beyond it. The colors, deep blue and forest green, stood out in the fog at the crack of dawn were indescribable in this non-smoky town. I intended to grab the origin of quaint Asian life that Japan already lost. However, during my stay, it was becoming ambiguous whether this town was what it used be or what it would be. The trace of life captured in these pictures barely puts my wavering consciousness here and now, just keeps me awake in this moment.

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