Gery De Smet| Causality Unintended

Belgian artist Gery De Smet is working around the themes of identity, immigration, nationality, and power. Particularly, his interest lies in “invented tradition.” The work of Gery De Smet researches the identity of people and demasks the constructions behind it. At the same time, De Smet’s works are quite accessible, based on the pure power of images. In this exhibition, De Smet will produce new works in Kyoto which will be related to his previous creation titled “Our Club Collects.” In this work, the cut out paperboards show some geometrical images, which actually form “Rune” signs that date back to ancient Europe. The Nazis used them in early 20th century, in order partly to claim their authenticity in historical traditions. And now some European extreme right groups also use them in an attempt at reviving old fascism. Here, however, inside the cutout parts are pornographic images, and if you look closer, you see that these are images of people of different skin colors making love, or images of homosexual situations. So here, two types of images are coming together - one that the extreme rights will love, and one they will abhor. In this way, De Smet questions the power of imagery in contemporary society and twists our perception of history and reality.

Curator | Akikazu Harada

Venue | HRD Fine Art

Address | 494-1 Kamigoryotatemachi, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto
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Open: 10/7-11/27 11:00-15:00 on Thu. / 11:00-19:00 on Fri. Sat.
Closed: Sun. Mon. Tue. Wed. (Open by appointment)

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