About KG+

KG+2018 Award Gran prix
Kenryou Gu
Nurse room, 1F Former Junpu Elementary School

KG+ was launched in 2013 as an art project with the goal of discovering and aiding upcoming talents among photographers and art curators. KG+ is organized annually in cooperation with the KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival in Kyoto. It provides an ideal forum for artists, as well as curators and gallerists, from Japan and abroad, to meet up, connect and exchange ideas with the international photographic arts community. In 2021, the ninth year of the festival, we aim to send out new talents from Kyoto to the world. We are looking forward to applications from a wide range of participants who aspire to be active on the global stage. The festival provides a participatory environment as an opportunity to experience art in daily life for both global visitors and local citizens alike. We hope that the diverse number of performances held all throughout Kyoto will serve to connect people with the local community, lead to exchange and inspire new insights.