The Beautiful Kakashi World
Chika Usui| ウスイ チカ

Born in 1988, Fukuoka, Japan. Based in Kansai. After working as a Prosthetist and Orthotist for six years, she graduated from Japan Institute of Photography and Film. She also works as ”Chika & Ichio Usui” with her husband, whose works were selected as KG+SELECT 12 Artists and given the Paris Gallery First Floor Award in 2019.

© Chika Usui

- Statement -
By chance Usui came across a scarecrow standing in a small village. Fascinated by its close resemblance to humans she became an apprentice scarecrow-maker. As an apprentice she made a scarecrow in her likeness named Little Chi-na. Usui has taken Little Chi-na with her to many locations within Japan and abroad, taking self-portraits throughout their journey. This exhibition includes a section named “The Village Series” in which the Usui becomes a part of the scarecrows world, and “The Chi-na Series”, in which the scarecrow, in turn, steps into the world of the living.

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