A Red Hat
Kentaro Takahashi| 髙橋 健太郎

Born in 1989, in Yokohama, Japan. In 2012, graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University
in Tokyo with a degree in Social Science and Informatics. Soon after he took up photography seriously, he worked as the assistant of renowned Swiss documentary-style photographer Andreas Seibert. From 2014, “The Riverbed,” a work following the 120km long Tamagawa River just outskirts of Tokyo won the 9th RPS Grant. In 2015, French daily newspaper Le Monde assigned Kentaro for the 70th anniversary of Hiroshima aftermath and featured the photographs. This work, “HIROSHIMA 2015” and his first solo photo exhibition took place in October at the RPS Gallery. He has been working on the project “A Red Hat” from 2017 and a book came out from the Japanese publisher Akaaka in March 2020.

© Kentaro Takahashi

- Statement -
This series investigates the threats to “freedom of expression” in contemporary Japan. The artists presents photographs of two men who were arrested in 1941 under the accusation of violating the Peace Preservation Law. Both in their twenties, the two men were members of their school’s art club, and it was their drawings depicting common daily life that got them accused of spreading Communist ideology. Both were held in prison for more than a year; the case has since been referred to as the “Life Drawing Case”.

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