Beneath the Scar
Yingfei Liang| 梁莹菲

Born in 1990, Guangzhou, China. She has been working as a photojournalist in Caixin Media since 2015, Yingfei has actively participated in Magnum Foundation’s Photography Expanded Documentary Mentorship Program since 2018. Based in China.

© Yingfei Liang

- Statement -
The start of this project began when a friend of the artist, H, disclosed on social media about her sexual assault. Learning that her friend’s tragic story is merely the tip of the iceberg the Liang turned her attention to other sexual assault victims.
As a photographer, Liang documents the traumatic memories of the victims, the impact of on their lives and work, as well as her own personal feelings toward the assaults. Presented in three parts, Part I of the exhibition includes H’s own documentation of her life after the assault disclosure combined with the artist’s documentation and media coverage about her assault. Part II attempts to reconstruct the scene of the assaults, after extensive interviews with various assault victims. Part III contains videos of people, invited to read out loud the victims’ recollection of their experience. This section serves as an entry into the hearts of those being assaulted.

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