The Continuation of the Dream
Yohei Koide | 小出 洋平

Born in 1977, Saitama, Japan. Joined The Mainichi Newspaper in 2001, after three years as a writer, and since 2004 as a photographer. He was awarded as Grand Prix of TOKYO PRESS PHOTOGRAPHERS ASSOCIATION in 2008, and 3rd Prize of DAYS PHOTOJOURNALISM AWARD in 2017.

© Yohei Koide

- Statement -
As of today, nine years have passed since the 2011 The Great East Japan Earthquake and subsequent Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. Koide was raised with nuclear energy with nuclear plants active in the 1970’s. Nuclear was touted as a ‘dream energy’ source with low carbon dioxide emissions, a stable output at relatively low cost is now considered much more seriously. Nuclear power indisputably poses enormous risks, and has the capacity to create damage at an unimaginable scale. Nowadays, there is little news about the 2011 incident except for the occasional report of radiation levels around the power plant. Construction and repair of seawalls have progressed. However, as more and more residents move out of the temporary housing units and try to rebuild their lives, what stays in the hearts of the affected families can never be represented in numbers.

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