Osaka Ben
Chloé Jafé

Born in 1984, France. An independent, interdisciplinary photographer. In 2009, she continued her interest in photography and graduated from the Central Saint Martins College in London. In 2013, she moved to Japan to undertake out her personal work. The reportage "Inochi Azukemasu”, is the first chapter of her current Japanese series, which was shortlisted for Sony World Photography Award, 2018.
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© Chloé Jafé

- Statement -
The Airin neighbourhood in Osaka’s Nishinari area, also commonly called Kamagasaki or Nishinari, is known as a place inhabited by day laborers and homeless people. For the artist, this neighborhood is seemingly unchained by common regulations and has its own law. It is in this community that the artist believes she could capture man’s honest existence. A small wooden shed is located in the middle of the exhibition in recollection of the homeless community in Airin.

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