Huang Yu Hsiu | 黄郁修

Born in 1994, Taipei, Taiwan. Graduated from the Fine Arts Department of the Chinese Culture university. He was a photojournalist for magazines from 2017 to 2019. Selected as Young Portfolio Acquisitions of Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts in 2018. Based in Kyoto.

© Huang Yu Hsiu

- Statement -
This exhibition on ‘hoarders’, who are people who keep and amass an excessive amount of stuff at home, calls the viewers’ attention to this largely ignored social phenomenon.
Believed to be ‘crippled’ by a strong sense of anxiety of loss, the hoarders surround themselves with things in a type of barricade to the outside world. This obsessive behavior has many negative flow-on effects with health and relationships. Through documenting the situation, the artist attempts to take a glimpse into the psychological status of the hoarders, who have distanced themselves from the society.

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