Started in 2013, KG+ is a satellite event of the annual KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival dedicated to discovering new talents among international photographers and moving-image creatives. However, such a mission can hardly be continued under the current difficult financial circumstances. We sincerely ask for your kind support for us to keep on with our endeavor and for the future of art development.

Please refer to the KG+ official website for information of our activities so far:

Why crowdfunding?
Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, it becomes more difficult than usual for KG+ to secure resources and fundamental operating cost. At the same time, extra expenditure for re-production of promotional materials and labor fees has to be covered since the festival had to be postponed.

How the fund will be used
To ensure staff assistance and adequate utilities provided on-site for prevention measures against the spread of Coronavirus at the venues.
To cover re-production costs for promotional materials and the related labor fee.

Although in the past years KYOTOGRAPHIE, being the main event, had provided continuous support to KG+, this is proved to be difficult this year as the KYOTOGRAPHIE is also facing financial challenges. We look forward to your generous assistance for us to keep up the work.

Donor benefits

Thank you email

Thank you email

Thank you email, Your name listed on our website

Thank you email, Your name listed on our website,
the KG+ 2020 closing report (booklet),  KG+ original T-shirt

September 18th to October 18th, 2020 KG+
October 2020 End of the Crowdfunding
November, December 2020 Donor benefits delivered

Help us strive!
It has been the mission of KG+ to introduce talented creatives to the public and at the same time liven up Kyoto city with the power of art. With your support, we will spare no effort to carry on the festival in spite of the difficulties. Thank you for your kind support!
Even if the crowdfunding project does not reach its goal in the end, the donor benefits will nonetheless be made available and the project will be proceeded as planned.