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Since the 1930s, grain silos have stood silently as a part of the rural landscape in France. The silo is the final stage in the harvest chain, prior to sale. For farmers, it is of paramount importance for storing and preserving the fruit of their labour. Strong and erected as totems, these objects of strange forms are regarded by some as a scourge on the landscape and admired by others as sculptures. It is in this tension that Fontana invites close and detailed observation by lifting these structures out of their context and thus placing them on a par with sculptural objects.
The unusual industrial aesthetic of these objects feeds our imaginations; we forget their function. The simplicity and stripping bare that comes with direct printing on aluminium, regarded as a "poor metal", breaks with the conventional use of photographic paper. Yet the satin texture of this raw material and the tonal softness confer upon these objects a sort of delicacy, almost preciousness. The production of a series of works put together like an inventory, of a collection of forms taken from our landscapes, is essential for an understanding of these objects we no longer really see. So this sequence of images examines the architecture of the object itself, its status and its history by examining an overlooked heritage.


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