Kazuhiro Ohashi| Watching the world alone ~ About dream 4th night 

© Kazuhiro Ohashi
Watching the world alone ~ About dream 4th night

I was a primary schoolchild.
It was raining.
Nobody was at home.
A dimly lit diner in an old house.
Turning on the incandescent lamp
with the plastic shade.
Wobble dining table,
Torn vinyl chairs.
Looking at the yellow lampshade,
I heard the rain.
Drizzle, drizzle, drizzle,,,
Suddenly I realized I'm alone.
I'm not lonely.
Just alone, I realized. Invited by the call of others,
I had my eyes opened, 
and I was awakened to myself.
I am living in my own world,
a world only for me,
which cannot be seen from outside.
People who had passed away 
also surely had their own world,
which cannot be seen from outside.
I cannot but imagine the world. Gaze without any aim. 
Incessant motion, appearing, 
and at the same time, vanishing. 
Standing up to a slight surprise,
I'm sure now I'm here.
I'm just here, unbeknownst to anyone.
A small silversalt film
turns that surprise into silver grains.
The world that was certainly there
is burnt on paper just like a fossil. I'm watching the world alone.
Scooping up the world on paper, I wonder.


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