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"Uzura". The unique photo of this unique fish is literally a fish face. Where is the “front” of the fish? A photographer Atsushi Morioka, who has been photographing fish as an aquarium photographer for 26 years, has created an unexpected world. That is communication with fish. When talking about fish, all you need is its form, pattern, dorsal fin, and tail fin. So fish is always defined as seen from the side. And Morioka has always been demanding it. Pictures for picture books and advertisements. What is needed is a perfect visual as an individual. But what is the “front” of a fish? When I started taking pictures of the fish's face, the fish showed an expression that was too rich. It's only a moment when the fish talks about something through the viewfinder. People are creatures who want to see their faces. "Uzura" may be the projection of what we want to see on fish.

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