Hitomi Kawasaki, Yukitada Shimamura, Tatsunori Tambe, Mariko Takeuchi, Naoyuki Ogino | Photo-Talk-Exhibition Zoom 2020 

"Photo-Talk-Exhibition" has been held using the mountains and rivers of Kyoto as backdrop, aiming to create a gathering space which merges the scenic beauty, the new encounters and the relationships between the people.
This year, we decided to challenge the online version under the Covid-19 pandemic.
With Hitomi Kawasaki (Bonsai researcher), Yukitada Shimamura (Sencha master), Mariko Takeuchi (Critic: absent on 10th Oct.), Tatsunori Tanbe (Literary researcher:absent on 26th Sep.), Naoyuki Ogino (photographer) and 7 applicant will try to share an online Photo-Talk-Exhibition. Participants need to participate with setting their favorite photo as their zoom virtual backgrounds.
Everybody prepares water, Rice Bowl(GOHAN CHAWAN) and tealeaf(Sencha or Gyokuro leaf) at hand. Together with Sencha master Shimamura, we try to make tea by ourselves and start to share the time and try to talk freely about photography or art through our zoom virtual background photography. Trying to capture TAMASAKA (Japanese sense of serendipity) over the online meeting.
Like the salon culture of the Edo period, where people met each other and drank tea together, the gatherings will have no particular format. This is the place participants may talk about art or culture in general, while connecting each other through online from our comfortable space.

Open | 9/26 (Sat.), 10/3 (Sat.), 10/10 (Sat.), 10/17 (Sat.) 10:00-12:00
Each time limited to 7 person, Only by appointment

Reservation |
Please apply after confirming the Photo-Talk-Exhibition style on the details above

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