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Buddhism was passed from India to China, Korea and Japan.In the meantime, while being influenced by the unique culture and aesthetics of each region,It has undergone its own transformation.Today we can see the differences between the architectural styles and Buddhist arts of Buddhist temples in Japan and Korea. You can also see that it is affecting the surrounding natural environment and surrounding landscape.This time, the Kyoto Photographers Association, in collaboration with the Daegu Photographers Association of Daegu, Korea, will try to compare the Buddhist temples in each city with photographs.Through this photo exhibition, we will try to understand each other's culture deeply and deepen friendship.

Venue | Shijo-dori Underpass

Address | Between Exits 11-12 of Shijo-dori Underpass, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
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Open | 9/19-10/18 7:00-22:00
Open everyday

Support | 韓国写真作家協会大邱広域市支会|The Photo Artists of Korea, Daegu Chapter

Partnership | 株式会社エイエムエス|AMS

Tel | 090-7969-1835

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