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An archipelago consisting of five isolated islands, born long ago, 20 million years ago, split from the continent. That is the Japanese archipelago where we live. The long terrain from north to south has created a unique climate and has grown rich vegetation over the years.In the wide world, Japan is a rare island nation with about 2,700 endemic species that grows only in specific areas out of about 7,500 vegetation types that grow. However, many unique vegetation is at risk of disappearing silently.
Kimotsuki-cho Kishitsuki, Kagoshima Prefecture, which I visited in 2018, is located in the eastern part of the Osumi Peninsula and is famous for having the Uchinoura Space Observatory (JAXA). At the same time, it is a precious area where the primeval forest of the laurel forest has remained since the Jomon period.I felt the presence of God in the primeval forest and the sea, which spread over the warm and humid zone.The scenery of Kishira may be the home of modern Japan, where Jomon and the universe are connected.

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