Kuniko Nakayama | Interference Ⅱ 

©Kuniko Nakayama

A video work shot through an actual kaleidoscope is projected on multiple screens.Four or five screens are made of translucent cloth (polyester mesh) and arranged at random angles. Place it in the center of the space so you can see it from the surroundings.The contents are graphical works in which kaleidoscope patterns are developed one after another, and the motif is a concentric circle(ellipse).Intersecting each other creates moire due to interference, and unexpected shapes and movements appear, and kaleidoscope amplifies them.The colors are narrowed down mainly to black and white, and fast movements suggest anxiety.The background sound is composed of natural sounds (rain, thunder, etc.) collected by the artist.

Venue | Lumen gallery

Address | 2F, 543 Shimourokogata-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
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Open | 10/6-10/11 12:00-19:00 (12:00-17:00 on last day)
Open everyday

Tel | 050-5240-3486

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