Akiyoshi Miyake | 切妻屋根の痕跡のための類型学 III / LIVE 

©Akiyoshi Miyake

Here and there, you'll find spectacular traces of neighbors being demolished on the walls of buildings.The shadows that move in the sunshine mutter the activities of those who were there.A digital camera will be installed in front of the wall, and live movie will be distributed over the Internet.The movie received in the gallery is exposed on photographic paper by a movie projector.Live movie is burned onto a piece of photographic paper.Since no fixing process is performed, the image will fade away as it is wrapped in ambient light.We projected still images in 2018 and moving images in 2019, but this time we will project live movie as an evolution of these.

Venue | Lumen gallery

Address | 2F, 543 Shimourokogata-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
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Open | 9/23-10/4 12:00-18:00
Closed: Mon.

Tel | 050-5240-3486

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