Ryuhei Yokoyama | WALL Stanza 映像に或るものを拭い去るとき、確からしさ、は、やがて。When wiping away objects in an image their probability is eventvally revealed. 

©Ryuhei Yokoyama

Street Graffiti: An important aspect that forms the urban landscape. “Graffiti changes and alters as it is created by someone, drawn over by another, and gets beaten by the harsh weather and busy streets” Using photography, Ryuhei carefully traces the history - the lineage and its construction of graffiti culture - by repeating the acts of dismantling and reconstructing resulting in an organic reflection of the city appearing in his photographs. Thus, naturally, the photo is mixed with various mediums and methods in a complicated layered structure. The series is certainly a photograph taken and printed by a camera, but at the same time, it is also a peeled off visualization of graffiti, naked and raw.

Venue | Space 1, Fujii Daimaru 6F

Address | 605 Teianmaeno-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
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Open | 9/18-10/18 10:30-20:00
Open everyday

Curator | Kotaro Hosono(BAF STUDIO tokyo)

in Collaboration | SunM Color.

Translation support | Hideko Ono,Lise Sasaki

Tel | 075-221-8181

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