Naoya Kudo, SLVR.TETSUYA, Saya Irie, Funny Dress-up Lab, Teppei Takahashi, Pedro Nekoi, Takahiro Koga | SLVR.TETSUYA ✕ Artists ”NEW DERSS UP” #シルテツ展 

“The possibility of dressing up”
“Silver Tetsuya” is an 85 years old grandpa from Akita who became an overnight instagram sensation by trying on his grandson’s high fashion outfits. Tetsuya showed the world what dressing up can do in this SNS driven society. He will now collaborate with a variety of artists to explore the potential of dressing up as a form of artistic self-expression.

Venue | BnA Alter Museum

Address | 267-1 Tenma-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
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Open | 9/5-10/4 11:00-23:00
Open everyday

Curator | Yu Tazawa

Tel | 075-748-1278

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