Takuro Kuwata, Teppei Sako, Shingo Tanaka | EARTH WIND & FIRE 

eN arts, established on the concept of “Life with Art”, has introduced both domestic and international artists over the years. Viewing works of art in atypical spaces, such as art museums and galleries, is wonderful. When you encounter an astonishing work, your heart might flutter, and a work that you truly love can even cause you to lose the ability to move when you stand before it. Have you never wished to share your life with such works?Our exhibition this month, Earth WIND & FIRE, presents a theme: “Contemporary art work in a real living space to ENJOY the art you love.” Exhibited are: EARTH – the ceramics of Kuwata Takuro, WIND – the video works of Sako Teppei that can make one sense the wind (This is my personal view), and FIRE – works in varying mediums created using different methods to express “fire” by Tanaka Shingo.Please enjoy “LIFE WITH ART”, a show for we which transformed eN arts into a more home-like atmosphere as the works of these leading artists are coordinated with Northern European furniture.

Venue | eNarts

Address | located in Maruyama Park, Gion-machi Kitagawa, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
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Open | 9/4-9/27 12:00-18:00
Closed: Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu.

Tel | 075-525-2355

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