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reated in January in 2019, “Lost in the Valley” is the first project of Maria Svarbova produced in the USA, and nature – albeit in a desert. Since the surfaces of Death Valley, California without any disruptive greenery is clean and wide, it becomes the perfect spot for minimalism- lover Svarbova to consider to be too chaotic for her taste. She masterfully captured the delicate contrast between the desert and the breath-taking mountains in the backdrop.Svarbova continues her examination of the relationship between human and environmental surroundings in the series. She harmonises both elements to create a uniquely beautiful whole. The figures in Svarbova’s universe do not exist as individuals, but they become a part of something bigger and all-encompassing.
The atmosphere is relaxed, contemplative, and dream-like. Models in the photographs are seemingly lonesome and lost in the valley, but the lack of frustration points to them reflecting on their lives and what makes living authentic. They are taking the time to enjoy the moment, to be just by themselves, and perhaps, to play a little game with their shadow. It is a moment for meditation and inner-mind digging. She regards the freedom to reflection is very significant, notably in this day of the era.
Besides, Svarbova drew a direct line to the Pioneers’ (the members of youth organisation in communist-era) uniforms, serving as an inspiration for her latest series “Futuro Retro”, and famous series “Swimming Pool”.
The aquamarine and contrasting red are the iconic colours of “Swimming Pool”. Surprisingly, she finds many more link-points between the pool and the desert. Both of them are clean, wide and seemingly endless surface. While people are looking for their reflection from the water surface of the pool, they find their silhouettes through the pronounced shadow of the desert.

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