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Layers on time, Sangsun Bae The project ‘Layers of Time’ suggests a deeper, more humanistic approach to the historical tragedies of war, through the artistic documentation of the life stories of civilians caught up in it’s turmoil. As part of an ongoing investigation of the modern day difficulties that arise from each countries unique viewpoint of the history of conflict, Sangsun Bae chose to focus upon the intricate traces of these stories that she discovered left within the natural materials of stone and wood.
In ‘Ami-Dong’ village during the 1950’s, local residents demolished and inhabited hill side Japanese grave yards, forced to use the grave stones as building material for their homes in absolute desperation for a lack of wood. Bae sensitively documented traces of the grave stones now visible beneath the layers of eroded concrete, exposing the names and dates of the Japanese dead incorporated in to the dwelling places of the Korean survivors of war.
In Yongdu park in Busan, Korea, Bae discovered the incredible story of large stones exploding within the walls of a Japanese-built shrine, at the time inhabited by Korean war refugees. Due to the intense heat of an accidental fire started in the refugee camp, the huge stones exploded in patterns that Bae describes and recreated as ‘Roses of Stone’.
A single tree remained standing after the fires of Yongdu Park, which Bae photographed and created a digital echo of in her work. Throughout her project, Bae has strived to create an ‘open table’ for discussion between both countries and generations, in order to face our misunderstandings, and promote a constructive dialogue of empathy.

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