John Einarsen | This Very Moment: The Experience of Seeing, Miksang Photographs, 2013-2019 

©John Einarsen

I love seeing. Reality is sometimes so vivid that I feel I am going to crack open on the spot.
How does this experience become an image?
By “seeing” I mean the unambiguous and direct visual understanding of things as they are in their own ordinary nature. This is the practice of Miksang contemplative photography (Miksang means “good or pure eye” in Tibetan). In order to see deeply, we must relax our dependence on memory, projection, formula, and the conceptual. Those things only cloud our seeing and get in the way of fresh perceptions that arise naturally when our minds are open and clear. Such seeing is spacious, delightful and nonaggressive; it cannot occur when we are thinking, impulsive or ambitious. Instead, we cultivate stillness, open our eyes with our awareness turned outwards and connect to the world with our heart.

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