Call for EntryKG+2020 - Apply

[Call for Entry]

10 finalists will be selected among the candidates and be invited to show work in the former Junpu Elementary School.

The selected 10 artists will receive ¥200,000 toward exhibition production for an exhibition in the former Junpu Elementary School. This exhibition will be accompanied by a publication of a common catalogue, distributed for free for the duration of KYOTOGRAPHIE, given to professionals, press and visitors. The exhibitions are promoted through the KYOTOGRAPHIE Media platform. Our KG+SELECT 2020 Jury will visit the exhibitions selecting the Grand Prix, the winner will be invited to participate in the next edition of KYOTOGRAPHIE, holding a solo show with the support of ¥500,000 from the festival.

Former Junpu Elementary School

Exhibition Duration
April 17 (Friday) – May 17 (Sunday), 2020

Open Call
Early November - 20 December, 2019 (JST Time)

> KG+SELECT application requirement [PDF 40KB]
> Former Junpu Elementary School - Planing floor map & Regulation [PDF 300KB]
> Selection Committe

KG+2019 Award Gran prix "Box Lunch is Ready"Atsushi Fukushima at Former Junpu Elementary School


KG+SELECT Application Form

Application Guidelines

<Applicant eligibility>
• Artists and curators regardless of age, gender, nationality, profession, or prior experience
• Individuals or units using photos, video or installations with photographic elements

<How to apply>
Application period: 1 November - 20 December, 2019
Applicants must fill in and submit the application form on the KG+ website, with the submission of their portfolio. All the submitted materials will be screened by the members of the KG+ Executive Committee.
10 individuals/units will be selected.

<Selection criteria>
• Artistic value, quality of the works, as well as originality and pioneering approach in the exhibition method
• The artist’s growth potential

<Selection process>
• The screening process will be carried out by the members of the KG+ Panel / KG+ Executive Committee / KYOTOGRAPHIE. The official result will be announced during mid-January 2020 on the KG+ website.
• Each of the 10 units of selected participants will be offered a classroom space in the former Junpu Elementary School as exhibition space.
• Exhibition duration: 14 April - 17 May, 2020.
• Field visit and screening process for the KG+ Grand Prix is expected to be held on 15 or 16 April, 2020.
• Unselected applicants will not be able to host exhibitions under the KG+ SELECT program. However, applicants are welcome to apply for the KG+ program as well.
• Each of the 10 selected applicants will receive ¥200,000 as a subsidy for their exhibition implementation.

<About the exhibition venue>
• Each of the 10 units of selected applicants will be assigned a classroom space in the former Junpu Elementary School as exhibition space. Further information will be provided after the announcement of the selection result.
• During the exhibition duration, 1 to 2 KG+ staff will be on site as the person-in-charge for general issues concerning the whole exhibition venue. Although artists / representative staff of the participants are not requested to be present on site, please be reminded that KG+ staff will not be stationing in individual exhibition classrooms.
• KG+ staff on site will be responsible for daily operation of electronic equipments (lighting, projectors, etc.) in the exhibition area. Participants are requested to provide operation manuals.
• Although sales of works and publications is permitted inside the exhibition venue, the artist / representative staff is responsible for all monetary matters involved. KG+ will not be held responsible for any related assistance or loss.
• Book consignment sales can be arranged in the KG+ shop.
• Damages to any part of the classroom equipments and facilities are not acceptable and the applicant may be held liable. Participants must return all equipments to their original location after the de-install.
• Please contact KG+ staff if additional partition(s) within the classroom are necessary.
• Participants are allowed to bring and use additional lighting equipment inside their respective exhibition classroom. There are 2 to 4 electricity plugs in each classroom.

<Selection of Finalists and Grand Prix recipient>
Field visit of all exhibitions and further screening process will be carried out by the members of the KG+ Panel / KG+ Executive Committee / KYOTOGRAPHIE. The recipient of the Grand Prix will be announced in the KG+ Opening Party. However, there can be situations when no recipient is selected.

<Submission guidelines>
Applicants are requested to assemble all the following materials in one folder made accessible in an online storage format, with the link provided in the application form.
• Work title / series title, exhibition statement, artist statement, artist profile, artist website. Applicants are welcome to refer to the information published in the 2019 KG+ website as reference.
• Please write in third-person. Japanese statements should be kept within 400 words. English statements should be within 300 words.
• Exhibition floor plan: Please make use of the photos provided here to design and submit respective floor plan. Submissions should be in PDF or JPEG file format, and in A3 size when possible. Freehand drawings are accepted. Slight adjustments are allowed during the exhibition set-up.
• Proposed exhibit works: 5 – 10 jpg, files in CMYK, 300dpi, 150mm-200mm in length.
The image files should be labeled:
serial number_artist name_image title_copyright=the series’ title
e.g. 01_Atsushi Fukushima_Box Lunch#01_©Atsushi Fukushima=Box Lunch is Ready
• Applicant’s recent photograph (CMYK, 300dpi, 150-200mm in length)
The image file should be labeled with the applicant’s name. ※Please note that all the provided materials may be edited by the KG+ office to be published on KG+ material. The KG+ office will be responsible for editing the content of all related material, including the promotional booklet.

<Call for entry>
Early November - 20 December, 2019 (JST Time)
Applications made after the deadline will not be processed.

<Application fee>
¥3,500 to be submitted by bank transfer or Paypal. Details will be provided after submission of online application.
For those applying for both KG+ and KG+SELECT, a discounted fee of ¥7,000 will be charged in total.

<Schedule> tentative to amendment
Mid- / late January 2020
The selection result of KG+SELECT will be announced on the KG+ website.
An overview of the exhibitions will be announced on the KG+ website.
Late February - early March
Promotional flyers will be ready
Late March - early April
Venue maps will be ready
19 April
KG+ Opening Party. KG+ SELECT Grand Prix recipient will be announced
16 / 17 May
KG+ Closing Party

<Terms and conditions>
• Exhibitors are responsible for bearing all costs and charges regarding venue/equipment rental, print production, framing, installation and de-install of their own exhibition.
• Exhibitors are responsible for the daily surveillance in their exhibition space. KG+ will not be held responsible for any related assistance or loss.
• Exhibitions will be featured on the KG+ maps, flyers, and associated webpages. In addition, the festival organizer will be allowed to use artist-credited images of exhibition works on the KG+ website, printed handouts and any other promotional materials.
• Exhibitors who withdraw their exhibition / fail to exhibit may be charged a compensation fee to cover the cost involving the re-design and re-production of promotional materials.
• Exhibitors bear full responsibility against any third party claims of damage, rights infringement, etc.

<KG+SELECT Grand Prix>
Among the 10 units of nominated participants, one unit will be selected as the recipient of the KG+SELECT Grand Prix. The recipient will be hold his/her exhibition in 2021 edition of KYOTOGRAPHIE, and receive the following subsidy / support:
• ¥500,000 for implementation of the exhibition
• Venue rental fee
• Information to be printed in the KYOTOGRAPHIE 2021 catalogue and PR material

<Available support>
• Participants will be invited to the KG+SELECT Opening Party
• Participants might be offered discount for applying events such as masterclasses and educational programs held by KYOTOGRAPHIE. Information will be announced by e-mail



[Main Sponsor]

Selection Committee

Simon Baker
Director of Maison Europeenne de la Photographie

Pascal Beausse
Art critic & curator Head of Photographic Collections,
Centre national des arts plastiques, Paris.

RongRong & inri
Photographers, Founders of Three Shadows Photography Art Centre.

Mutsuko Ota
IMA Editorial Director

Yumi Goto
Independent Curator


榮榮&映里 (ロンロン&インリ)
写真家 三影堂撮影芸術中心(北京・厦門)創設者