About KG+

KG+2018 Award Gran prix
Kenryou Gu
Nurse room, 1F Former Junpu Elementary School

Started in 2013, KG+ is an open-entry art festival dedicated to discovering and fostering new talents among international photographers. As a satellite event of the annual KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival, KG+ serves as a platform for Japanese as well as international artists seeking connection with other active professionals, including curators, and gallerists from around the world. KG+ strives to create a participatory public outreach environment for visitors and local citizens with exhibitions and events held in various locations across Kyoto City. Including the Junpu Elementary School, along with other historical sites such as Kyoto-style Climbing Kiln and other vulnerable locations, these spaces encourage diverse creative expression for our participating artists.

For our eighth edition in 2020, the “KG+ SELECT” program is back after its introduction last year. 10 units of participants are elected and are then invited to exhibit in the former Jumpu Elementary School. Towards the end of the festival period, one Grand Prize Winner will be selected by the KG+ 2020 Jury, who will be granted the opportunity to participate in the following year’s KYOTOGRAPHIE Main Programme with a solo exhibition.
Last year in Japan, anonymous threats made to art exhibits as well as government interference in the exhibition itself has alerted us once again to the fragility of freedom of expression in this country. Soon afterward, with the global spread of the Coronavirus pandemic this year, we go through / have gone through a continuing period in which the mere action of in-person gathering has to come to a halt. The social impact is widespread and unquestionable, among which we see/witnessed more and more artists and creatives alike sharing their works online as events were either canceled or delayed. It is in difficult times as such that KG+ endeavors to, in whatever ways possible, remaining a platform for creatives to stimulate a constructive dialogue with audience across generations. We look forward to building together a future in which creativity is never undermined.