マイカ・アロン・ガンペル | Hisao Fujii: His 100th Year Living Well in Kyoto 
Micah Aron Gampel | Hisao Fujii: His 100th Year Living Well in Kyoto

©Micah Aron Gampel

to show Hisao Fujii's impressive life & character & emotion during our short friendship May to November 2018 in Kyoto I'm creating an emotive environment in Nanajo Miyabi Inn in Kyoto. With my photos and portraits of Hisao & his family and his large businesscommunity of admirers, & some personal objects of his, I will create some of the atmosphere of this important man living and active in his world in Kyoto since 1929. With this show I will invite and attract his coworkers friends and family and some of the Kyoto community who may have never experienced Kyotographie in their hometown.

会場 | 七条みやび|Nanajo Miyabi Inn

住所 | 600-8831 京都府京都市下京区花畑町592-6
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592-6 Hanabatacho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto

会期 | 9/18-9/30 10:00-19:00
Open everyday

お問い合わせ | 080-1445-9078 / micahgampel@gmail.com

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