黎雪沁 スーサム・ライ | With Light - We Can Conquer Our Fear 
Suet-sum Lai | With Light - We Can Conquer Our Fear

©Suet-sum Lai

No matter where we are, some time, we face unexpected situations. From Iceland to Hong Kong, there were situations that made Suet-sum Lai felt anxious, worry, depressed, upset, hurt, and sinking to the dark. Nevertheless, light shimmered from the sky, always acts like her guardian angel, which gives her hope to conquer her inner fear, and keep her going and not giving up. She believes that, there will be one day, that light will prevail over darkness for everything.

会場 | ONE AND ONLY gallery approach

住所 | 〒604-8163 京都市中京区鯉山町527
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527 Koiyama-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto

会期 | 9/24-9/29 11:00-19:00
Open everyday

お問い合わせ | 075-221-2633

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