KG+ select | former Junpu Elementary School 12th Apr. – 12th May 2019

Sangsun Bae | 裵相順

Boren in 1971, basede in Kyoto(Japan), works in Korea and Japan

© Sangsun Bae

Located in the central region of South Korea, Daejeon was one of the first cities to be modernized as a hub of transportation while the country was under Japanese governance in the early 20th century. Yet, following the defeat of Japan in the Second World War records of Japanese residents in Daejeon during this period were lost from the Japanese and Korean historical record. This series is the result of a three-year research project, where Bae looked into the recent history of Daejeon and the lives of the ordinary people who were born in the city but had relocated to Japan at the turn of the tide. Through portraits, interviews and following the concept of “ties” both in the literal and metaphorical sense this project explores memories. These anonymous faces and untold stories are all tied to the turbulent modern history of Japanese-Korean relations.

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