KG+ select | former Junpu Elementary School 12th Apr. – 12th May 2019

Nao Nakai

Born in 1978, Shiga, Japan; based in Tokyo

© Nao Nakai

Nine years ago, Nakai's grandmother developed Alzheimer's disease. With the onset of the disease, the woman she knew slowly started to disintegrate. Her long-held memories failed her, her self-image was lost, the families image of her changed. Nakai was forced to face the fundamental questions of what it means to be a person, and practically as a photographer questions of what constitutes a portrait.
Exploring the nature of portraiture Nakai found that all things, including human beings, animals, plants, and objects once photographed can be considered a portrait. Capturing this individual essence is central to her work and it was formed through Nakai's observations over time with her grandmother.

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