[Call for Entry]
KG+Photo Book Shop

As part of the KG+ Associated Program, KG+ is showcasing an exhibition of photo books. From books relating to KYOTOGRAPHIE and KG+artists, to the expressive forms of storytelling shown in dummy books, a rich variety of photo books will be presented. Exhibited photo books will also be available for sale.

Former Junpu Elementary School
609-1 Kakimoto, Omiya Hanayacho-agaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8357

2019.4.14 ー 5.13

2019.2.15 ー 4.8

2019.4.9 ー 4.12

Send to:
Name: KG+ Photo book shop
Address: #202, Miyoi Bldg. 373, Karigane-cho Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8115 JAPAN
Phone: (+81)80 1428 3672

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・Artists aged 18 and over (regardless of nationality, profession, solo or group), professional reference or self-recommendation required.

・Dummy books, zines, and published book works with photographic media content may include paintings, drawings, collage, text, etc. Both published and unpublished work accepted.
・No page limit nor size limit, but if the work exceeds the sizes of books displayed in standard bookshops, please enquire beforehand.

<Sales and stock>
・A sample book is essential for viewing purposes. When sending your books, enclose 1 sample book together with books for sale (10 books max.) All remaining books including samples will be returned at the end of the exhibition.
・A 30% sales commission will charged with each sale.
・Books to be sold at ¥1,000 or over.
・Consumer tax (8%) will be added to the price of each sale of book.
・Statement of delivery must be attached.
・Sales management will be completed by the shop.
・It is possible to exhibit only, without any books for sale. In this case, send 1 sample book only for viewing purposes.
・Artist profits will be paid and sent by bank transfer or Paypal. Please note that transfer fees will be deducted from the payment.

<Shipping and management>
・Photo books will be supervised by the management, but it is expected that many visitors will look through the books. In the unlikely event of any damage however, no responsibility will be taken by the management.
・Products will be sold in the form they are sent. If individually packaged books in plastic bags are required, exhibition participants must pre-package books before delivery.
・Exhibitors will cover all costs of product delivery and return.
・Return of books after the exhibition will be paid-on-delivery.
・Return of books overseas will be made by EMS. Return delivery fees are to be paid by exhibitors. Information on EMS shipping fees will be sent separately.

<Other info>
・KG+ may use photos taken of the exhibition for promotional purposes including, but not limiting to, printed flyers and online. Please note that this photo documentation may include not only general views of the exhibition but also details of individual photo books.