Shoji Tanaka|Nirvana/Shadows on the Water

Born in 1957, Tokyo, japan; based in Tokyo

Nirvana ©Shoji Tanaka

A work that can be said as a sequel to "Shadow on the Water" (2017) which expresses the moment of interworking of water and light with monochrome. Keeping the ideas on water as it is, not thinking about spreading, going back to the back, keeping light and contrast to the utmost, pursue low key aesthetics in differentiation What I did is this "Nirvana/Shadows on the Water". It tried to emerge the "Pure Land" as an illusion on the shore of the ephemeral water, in the unspoiled dark. At the same time, as a photograph, pursuing what it is, what is visible, what is invisible. The exhibition is conducted by fine art and print by "Piezograhy" which is regarded as the best technique of digital monochrome, sticking to detail of texture, delicate and fragile, without losing the gradation of the dark part, which can only be expressed in photographs.

Venue|Kyoto Museum of Photography

Address|374-2, Horiike-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto 
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Open|5/7-5/12 11:00-18:30
Open everyday

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