Esther Teichmann|On Sleeping and Drowning

Born in 1980, Germany; based in London

Fulmine ©Esther Teichmann

My photographic practice works with staged images set in relationship to one another to form an imaginary, alternate orphic world. We move from beds to swamps and caves, from mothers to lover, in search of a primordial return. Working with experimental print process and painting into images, the photographic is loosened from its referent. Narratives emerging from fragments as one thing is transformed into another, sliding between autobiography, fiction and myth. The photographs, films and writings picture mothers like caves, sisters like seashells, lovers like moons, tears like waterfalls. Entering the octopus darkness of swamps and caves we find ingestion and emission, mother and daughter, sister and sister, black and white, lover and lover, surrealism’s erotic jolt: the irritant that makes the pearl. Seashells with apertures like cameras. The womb as oceanic. Lovers as moons. Holding as withholding. Day as night.


Address|31, Nanzenji Kusagawa-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 
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Open|4/12-4/26 8:30-18:00 (17:30 door closed)
Open everyday

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