Naoyuki Ogino|Kamogawa Foetus motus 19Y

<Exhibition in-between sky and river as a part of Ayu protection from river cormorant>
<Photo-Talk exhibition "Θ">

Born in 1975, Tokyo, Japan; grown up in Mexico; Based in Kyoto

© 2019 Naoyuki Ogino

This project is composed by “Installation in-between Sky and River as a part of Ayu protection from river cormorant ” and “Photo-Talk Exhibition Θ”.
“Installation in-between Sky and River” is mounted over the Kamo-river praying for the resurrection of the river with jumps upstream of natural Ayu . The show created as a part of saving Ayu from River Cormorant supported by Kamogawa Fisheries Cooperative Association. The huge photo montage of Ayu shows the invisible wind blow over the river. Installation itself is a medium for countermeasure against the river cormorant. First aim of this installation is to show the images toward the river cormorant. Then the installation also leads the audience eye toward the status quo of Kamo-river. “Photo-Talk-Exhibition Θ” is using the mountains and rivers as backdrop, aiming to create a gathering space which merges the scenic beauty, the new encounters and the relationships between the people.
This is the space of discussion capturing the TAMASAKA (Japanese sense of serendipity) with Naoki Ogino’s artwork titled Θ (Theta) hanged aside. Like the salon culture of the Edo period, where people met each other and drank tea together, the gatherings will have no particular format. This is the place participants may talk about art or culture in general, while appreciating the surrounding scenic beauty of the area. Part 1 take place inside the historical SanShisuiMeisho house and Part 2 along the Kamo River next to SanShisuiMeisho.

<Installation in-between Sky and River as a part of Ayu protection from river cormorant>

Venue | Over the Kamo River between the Shijyo bridge and the Donguri bridge

Address | * As it is over the river, there is no address

Open: 5/11-5/25 (Outdoor)

Co-hosted by Kamogawa Fisheries Cooperative Association


<Photo-Talk exhibition "Θ">

[Day Part]

Venue|Sanshisuimeisho Study of Sanyo Rai

Address|Higashi-Sambon-dori Noboru, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto 
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Open|4/20, 4/27, 5/4 13:00-14:50 (Apointment only, Entrance charge: 700JPY)

[Night Part]

Venue|Talbot Kyoto

Address|1-2, Ikenouchi-cho, Nisinokyo, Kyoto  
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Open|4/20, 4/27, 5/4 20:00-22:00 (Better to reserve: light meal charge 500JPY)

Sponsored by|Kyukyodo, Kenbishi Sake Brewing Co.Ltd

In Cooperation with the Raisanyo-Kyuseki-hozonkai Foundation, the Sanshisuimeisho Study of Sanyo Rai, Talbot Kyoto

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