Thomas Neumann, Katlen Hewel, Toshiyuki Nanjo, Sajik Kim|Boundaries: Photographic Expressions from Japan and Germany

Thomas Neumann: Born in 1975 in Cottbus, Germany; Lives and works in Dusseldorf
Katlen Hewel: Born in 1975 in Schwabisch Hall; Lives and works in Dusseldorf
Toshiyuki Nanjo: Born in 1972 in Tokyo; Lives and works in Kanagawa
Sajik Kim: Born in 1981 in Kyoto; Lives and works in Osaka

Waterfall ©Thomas Neumann

HRD Fine Art is pleased to announce a group show tilted “Boundaries,” showcasing four photographic artists in their 30s and 40s from Japan and Germany.
Boundaries, be it geographic ones such as rivers or mountains, artificial ones like national borders, walls or fences, or things such as human skins, are where the two different worlds are separated and disconnected. At the same time, however, boundaries can be a place where two worlds meet and interconnect, and even merge with each other. Through the works of artists with different cultural background, this exhibition aims to explore the rich connotation of “coexistence of the end and the beginning” that the boundaries inherently possess.
Participating artists are: Thomas Neumann, who uses many different media to create artworks that deal with “genius loci”; Katlen Hewel, whose collage-like photographs deflty mingle and merge reality and fictitiousness; Toshiyuki Nanjo, who pursues austere photographic expressions contraposing nature and artificial, light and shadow, etc.; and Sajik Kim, who constructs fantastical scenes that oscillate between the realms of fairytale, myth, and memory.

Venue√|HRD Fine Art

Address|494-1, Kamigoryotate-machi, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto 
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Open|4/23-4/30 11:00-18:00
Closed: Monday

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