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KG+ SELECT 12 Artists Reveal 2019/01/21 

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1st November - 31st December 2019(Japan time)

Exhibition period:
17th April - 17th May 2020


Exhibition period: 12th Apr. – 12th May 2019 11:00 - 18:00
Closed: Tue. Wed.(Open on National holidays)
Exhibition venue:former Junpu Elementary School
[609-1 Kakimoto, Omiya Hanayacho-agaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8357]

12 finalists will be selected among the candidates and
be in invited to show their works in the former Jumpu Elementary
School building.
The Winner, elected by the KG+2019 Jury, will be invited to participate
in the following year’s KYOTOGRAPHIE Main Programme with a
Solo show and receive ¥500,000 toward production costs.

>KG+ SELECT 12 Artists
Ho Wing Ka Jimmi
Tsubasa Fujikura
Garrett Hansen
Armelle Kergall
Chika & Ichio Usui
Atsushi Fukushima
Nao Nakai
Keiji Fujimoto
Jun Fujiyasu
Hirotsugu Horii
LEE Wing Ki
Sangsun Bae

KG+ 2019
KYOTOGRAPHIE Satellite Event

Exhibitions to be held for more 3 days,
between 12th Apr. – 12th May 2019
in the city of Kyoto, Japan.

Various exhibitions at locations throughout Kyoto,
including solo shows, group shows, and cultural projects
organised by galleries/museums/schools, etc.

KG+ SELECT | 2019 Grand prix

KG+SELECT grand-prix winner

Atsushi Fukushima
Box Lunch is Ready

福島あつし Committee Review and Artist Interview

KG+2019 Information

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Announcing the new, improved KG+

Started in 2013, KG+ is an open-entry art festival dedicated to discovering and fostering talent among photographers, curators and gallerists alike. For this, our seventh annual edition in 2019, we are making various changes in procedures to insure a more fair and transparent festival for all. We offer an exhibition platform for ambitious talents working in all forms of photography — a launch pad for Japanese artists seeking worldwide attention and for foreign artists wanting entrée to Japan.
As a satellite of the main invitational KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival held concurrently each spring in Kyoto, KG+ affords an ideal forum for meeting and sharing information with the international photographic arts community, along with a participatory public outreach environment for visitors and local citizens. Presented citywide at a variety of venues, including the Junpu former elementary school, heritage houses and traditional shops, temples and historic sites, as well as “white cube” galleries, the possibilities for diverse creative expressions are far greater than with more conventional visual arts festivals.

2019 Closing Report

KG+2019 Award Gran prix
Box Lunch is Ready
福島 あつし | Atsushi Fukushima
Former Junpu Elementary School

Participating artists:207
Number of venues:63
Artist nationalities:21
Number of exhibitions:96
Number of visitors:approx.135,000

2019 Closing Report
[PDF 23M]

2018 Closing Report

KG+2018 Award Gran prix
顧 剣亨 | Kenryou Gu
Nurse room, 1F Former Junpu Elementary School

Participating artists:170
Number of venues:54
Artist nationalities:13
Number of exhibitions:74
Number of visitors:approx. 80,000

2018 Closing Report
[PDF 7M]